TICA Awards for 2012
Mid Pacific Region

Pam's Persian Piper
2012 Best Persian of the Year
2012 Best Tortie/White
Persian of the year
Pam's Persian Bryn
2012 Third Best Kitten of the Year

Kittens have arrived...
both longhair and exotic shorthairs available 2015!
Please contact Pam for photos!

longhair and exotic shorthair persians longhair and exotic shorthair persians

Lovingly Raising Precious Persians!

If you’re thinking about adding the perfect pet to your family, look no further! At Pam’s Persians, we lovingly raise Longhair Bi-Color Persians and Bi-Color Exotic Shorthair Persians. As a reputable and responsible breeder, we raise healthy, playful, and beautiful kittens. Our Persian kittens are members of our family- we spoil them and properly socialize them before they leave for their forever homes. We appreciate your interest and look forward to helping you add a Persian kitten to your family!

Note: Our intention is to place our cats in the best homes possible and therefore, we have the right of refusal to sell a cat to any potential buyer. We accept non-refundable down payment to hold a cat or kitten.

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